Sheesh, another earthquake in NZ.

Hope Ian’s ok. :sunglasses:

Christchurch again … 6.0 quake. Horrible news indeed, especially after the February devastation.

Ian is pretty far from Christchurch. Hopefully he’ll check in soon and let us know he’s okay.

Sending much Aloha

Yeah, actually 2 quakes within a hour or so of each other yesterday. A 5.5. and a 6. Both very close to the surface so their impact was certainly felt. Poor buggers. They were on the road to recovery, picking up the pieces after initial September 2010 quake, when only a few months later, without warning the really devastating February quake hit. And once again after that just as things are seemingly starting to settle a little, once again reconstruction and recovery plans are in place under way, and then … yesterday - bam! :confused: What a mess. :frowning:

Glad you’re ok, Ian. :sunglasses:

Maybe the volcanic activity further up the rim was a warning.

The hazards of living on a major fault line I guess… :confused:
What were the Brits thinking when the decided to colonise this place? “Oh wow… this place looks nice! - shaking ground, boiling mud and pretty volcanic cones everywhere! Let’s live here!” :unamused:

Meanwhile in Christchurch it’s yet another sad case of deja Vu :confused:

Thousands without out power again tonight…and it’s Winter…

At least no one thought it was clever to build a cluster of nuclear power stations!!!

Maybe the volcanic activity further up the rim was a warning.

Like after a hot curry…

Seriously though, thinking of everybody over their and hoping it all settles down quickly.




Just read that at least 75 buildings in the central business district that miraculously survived the Feb. 22 quake now needed to be demolished urgently after Monday’s quakes :confused:
Time to abandon ship I’m thinking…

Glad you’re well up north Ian… 2011 is not a year that will be remembered fondly in NZ

My cousin lives in Christchurch. She said that mostly people are just shaken up, pun intended, but that they seem to be okay.

Lots of room up here in Canada, we get a little tremor about once every 15 years, not so that you’d notice really! C’mon up! And if you miss wild weather and that sort of thing, you can always visit our neighbours to the south! :wink: :laughing: Oh yeah, you might just need a winter coat!

Hang in there, Kiwis, the place is still growing, like Hawaii and Iceland. She’ll be right :sunglasses:

:smiley: Wasn’t thinking it was time for ME to abandon ship… we have no issues here, BUT Christchurch itself…well I just wonder if much of it is simply not suitable for rebuilding… relocating the city might be a wiser option. :confused:

I reckon they should get a Chinese construction down here actually. When the earthquake struck in 2008 while I was over there, a city (Wenchuan) with a population the size of NZ (4.3 million) was completerly buggered. They rebuilt it in only three years! :astonished:

I am fascinated at how the north island is so much better protected (for lack of a better word) than the south island… closer to the fault line I suppose. Anyway, you’d like Canada, but from the few pics I’ve seen of you neighbourhood, I’d not be too anxious to leave… Your idea of relocating the city, not such a bad idea really… its bound to keep happening. LA and SanFran are going to go at some point, down in the US… scary stuff.



Maybe I should keep this music related and record a song about earthquakes! I’ll call it Shake, Rattle n Roll :smiley: