Sheet Music ('Doris-Anne')

"Doris Anne" - Combo Arrangement of an original composition (Copyright - Paul David Seaman, 1998) scored for Bb Horn, Piano, Bass and Drums. West Coast Modal Jazz in its style and choice of harmony.

Aloha m,

Interesting piece.

To my ears slightly reminiscent of Hanc0cks’s
‘Maiden Voyage’

Especially with that solo structure of 16 bars of dorian mode that goes up
a half step for 8 bars and then back down a half step for another eight bars.

One question:
Is the rhythm section walking/swinging all the way thru the solo section
or do they also follow the same structure set from the beginning of the song?

That being: [16 bars pushed—>8 bar walk/swing—>8 bars pushed]

And during the last 5-7 bars of the piece I would have the bass play the same figure
as the piano and Bb instrument.
Maybe even have the piano left hand also do it in harmony for strength.

even tho it is a very elegant/simple easy piece to sightread,
the notation/layout is beautiful. Cubase 6 I take it?


Hi Curteye,

Thank you for your kind observations.

It is based on the harmonic scheme of Mile Davis ‘So What’ tho one tone higher. i think you may be referring to this rather than ‘Maiden Voyage’.

Yes, the Rhythm Section swing/walk thru the Solo Section.

i applied various ‘doublings’ when i scored the piece for Big Band.

It was copied in Sibelius rather than Cubase. Most copyists i know use either Finale or Sibelius.



Hi folks,

As requested by a few members, here is the ‘Head’ section of my composition Doris-Anne. It features the Guildhall School of Music Jazz Orchestra (2001). Obviously the harmonies are more complex in this recorded version due to the composition being scored for 17 x instruments (rather than quartet).

Anyway, i hope it helps…



Doris.mp3 (1.38 MB)

Very Nice just played the chart great tune looking forward to hearing this trio!

Hi K,

Thank you for your comments.

‘Doris-Anne’ was originally composed for Trio/Quartet and then arranged for Big Band. i have a Quartet recording i once made somewhere but its on Mini Disc (and i no longer have a MD player.