Sheet Music ('Impromptu')

Hi folks,

A Jazz Combo composition (arranged for Bb, Eb, Piano, Bass, Drums) consisting of a four bar chord progression (with no written Melody) and is of no fixed duration.

This piece is in the ‘spirit’ of the band CIRCLE (Braxton/Corea/Holland/Altschul).

There is no audio version of this piece because i have only recently composed it and also because it consists of chord-symbols, no written Melody and is mostly improvised (so therefore Sibelius or Cubase can not perform playback).



Impromptu - Parts.pdf (33.2 KB)

Interesting progression, I remember that group well, all great players that I have enjoyed in many settings…I will be curios as to hearing this when completed. Your key signature might need correction as it should be Bb (at top it says Eb not 2 flats)?

Why should you give this piece a key signature at all??? Its free form no melody, no signature required lol

IS Eb/D and B/A# chord/Bass note or possibly two Triad against each other? Chick does a lot of chord construction via use of two triads stacked…really like sound of last chord :slight_smile:

Hi K,
Thank you for your comments.

The upper half of the chord symbol is for the Right Hand chord, and the lower half for the Left Hand single bass note.
The piece has a strong and obvious sense of ‘Tonality’ hence the Bb Minor Key Signature. Yes, the piece is FREE and the the melody is to be IMPROVISED, but the Key Centre remains 100% Bb Minor.

The ‘Bb’ and ‘Eb’ markings in the upper left of each part are to indicate which INSTRUMENT the chart is for. So Bb = Tenor or Trumbet and Eb = Alto.

The last chord should really be notated as Bb Minor 6/9 (Maj 7th) but Sibelius would only seem to notate it as Eb13 (#11) / Bb. Same chord tho !!

Hope that helps…