Shft+Alt+spacebar plays start of flow where playhead is -- confusing

According to this article:

" Shift+Alt+Space will start playback from the beginning of the flow."

No matter what I do, no matter what I have selected, that key combination always starts playing at the beginning of the second flow.

Any ideas?

Upon further testing, if I use the P command to cause the play cursor to be in a different flow, then Shft+Alt+space DOES start at the beginning of whatever flow I last PLAYED.

This seems really confusing. If I have selected material in flow 3, then that surely indicates I am working on flow 3. It seems that is the flow that should start playing.

I guess it is working as designed, but seems odd. I wonder if the Dorico team wold consider adding a command. The “Start of Flow” command is actually “Start of Playhead Flow” . It would be nice to have “Start of Selection flow” available.
Screenshot 2022-10-25 223341