Shift+Alt+Click drag cursor not working on 11

I just transitioned from Cubase Pro 9.5 to N11 (finally) and I noticed that one of my favourite commands is not working. Don’t really remember if I had to set it up first, or if it was already set up natively, but from what I’ve read online, it’s a common command so I’m guessing it was. But for some reason it’s not working. I know of the “click in empty space” command but that’s not what I meant, or want. Just the “drag cursor” command.

Anyone has any idea??

Thanks in advance.

Take a look here:

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A Maestro indeed. THANK YOU!!!
Just one other question, if you don’t mind: what’s the ALT+CMD for in Nuendo? I use it and I see a new cursor that I have never seen before, and have no idea what it means.

Normally it’s for Slip Event.
Create for example a MIDI part and some note in it, then hold Ctrl/Cmd+Alt and drag to see how it works.

Nothing happens.
In Cubase, yes, I could drag the waveform (with audio) using OPT+CMD, but with Nuendo it’s SHIFT+OPT. If I use OPT+CMD in Nuendo I get another cursor and nothing to do with slipping the event.

I’m only asking because if I’m going to replace SHIFT+OPT with OPT+CMD, I want to know what command am I loosing.

Ok, I figured out what I was loosing. But now the Shift+Opt won’t work as intended. Instead of dragging the cursor, it’s creating an empty event.