Shift-Alt-X not existing

Hello, somehow I can not get the shortkey Shift-Alt-X working. The only way to create System Text seems to be going to the menu and choosing it there. Why could that be?

You might have changed the defaults keyboard shortcuts, hence no new shortcuts added since last version. But you might very well add it in the preferences/Key commands/NoteInput/Create System Text
Hope it helps !

Thank you Marc,

worked perfectly :slight_smile:

What was the Shortcut for creating tuplets again?

Mine is = and then I input the ratio and type enter, but I have a french keyboard, so it might change with yours. It is the first key on the left from the far right capital key.

Thank you Marc.
The strange thing is: I have a shortcut defined (Ö on German keyboard). But in the write menu it is absent. Once I have invoked tuplet entry in Write mode (either via Ö shortcut or via the panel to the left) it becomes visible in the Write menu. But disappeares again, once I have left note input. Strange…

It’s not really that strange: the shortcut only works in the context of note input, so it only appears when note input is active.

k_b, after updating to Dorico 1.1. I had problems with the new key commands as well. Bearbeiten --> Programmeinstellungen --> Tastaturbefehle --> Tastaturbefehle zurücksetzen solved it for me. Just in case …

Daniel, it sounds logical, but what about the other shortkeys?

All of the other functions in that section of the write menu are applicable as long as a note is selected. A tuplet, on the other hand, is only possible to create when you’re in ‘Note input mode’

k_b, with a note selected (but without hitting return/enter/shift-n to engage input mode) any of the shortcuts that appear in your “not visible” list will work. You can add text, ornaments, dynamics, rehearsal marks etc., exactly as the list shows.
Unless you hit return/enter/shift-n to engage input mode you cannot start tuplet entry, create a new voice or move to next voice.

pianoleo & andgle & Daniel,

this makes complete sense to me now, thanks for making it clear.