Shift+ArrowKey transpose randomly not working.

I don’t think this is a bug, but rather a lack of knowledge on my part. If it is a bug, someone needs a damn slapping :wink:

I’ll be happily working on a project, and everything is working as I expect. I’ll be transposing MIDI notes left and right. But then, after a while, Shift+ArrowKey suddenly is moving around the selection of Instruments/Tracks. It doesn’t matter if I have the MIDI editor open, or closed.

I also can’t seem to find anyone else with this problem, but I may well not be searching for the correct phrase or terms.

I hope someone can help :slight_smile: - Thanks in advance!


Where is the focus (white frame), when this happens?

Good point. I’ll make sure to check that next time it happens. I did click and activate the midi note editor, like I normally do, many times. I also went back and forth and even tried Alt-Tab’ing around trying to see if that had any effect.

I just started working on the project this morning again, and everything is working as I expect it to. Right now I have a feeling this is something that happens after prolonged use of 10-12 hours, because it seem to happen at the end of my day.

Anyway, thanks very much for your reply, I appreciate it. I will keep an eye out for what happens throughout the day and if somehow the “focusing” of windows/area stop working again.

If the focus is in the Project window (project area), the Up/Down ArrowKeys switch between the tracks. With Shift, multiple selection is created.

The transposition function works only, if the focus is in the Key Editor.

Indeed. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be as simple as that. I wish it was.

It is as if “Shift” stops working with the arrow keys after a long session, and selecting an “area”, no matter if it’s the editor, project window, or the mixer it doesn’t register the change. It should also be said, as I just remembered, that “Shift” still works for the horizontal scrolling of the project window, so it’s not a failure of my “Shift” key over all it seems.

Like I said I will keep an eye out for when this happens. I’m still working - and so is the shift+arrowkey transposition :slight_smile:

Finally got the time, and an occurance of the problem happening at the same time. Here’s a gif of the issue happening. I am clearly activating the key editor, as the highlighted border can be seen switching to the key editor, and yet when I try to transpose with the arrow keys, it moves the selection of the tracks in the project window instead.

So what the ■■■■? :slight_smile: