Shift-B to add bars - twice as many added and J Trim doesn't work

Dorico Pro
Win 10 Pro 21H2 Build 19044.2006

Having searched the forum, I haven’t seen this reported before.

I’m entering a long, single flow piece of 310 bars. Currently at bar 188. Galley View. Not using NotePerformer, but BBC SO Discover (using different instruments for each voice as easier to check how it sounds than using a rather melded all-together choir sound). Painoteq 7 for the pianos; 2 instances.

  1. Childrens Choir
  2. S
  3. A
  4. T
  5. B
  6. Piano 1
  7. Piano 2

If I enter Shift-B to add some bars, I get double the amount. I think this started around bar 164 before I noticed something odd.

Entering J Trim Flow doesn’t get rid of empty bars, but Shift-B then -100 will get rid of them.

I’m wondering, could it be due to using Shift-B then entering a -ve number messing up Dorico somehow?

Later (after breakfast, Dorico left running)…

At bar 210 and all is back to normal. I haven’t changed anything…so…very mysterious…

When Trim Flow doesn’t work, there’s something with duration preventing it, which can be invisible. My first suspicion is a lyric extension line, which can go to the end of the flow when there are no further notes. Once you’re past the duration of whatever it was, Trim works as expected.

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Thanks for the tip Mark, but no, there weren’t any extension lines (lyrics or 8ve lines etc).

Still puzzled…

All sorts of things can prevent “trim.” If you had a note that extended into that bar, for example, and then you shortened it. Or explicit barlines. Or…

If you attach the project, we can figure it out. Without the project, it’s only possible to guess, and sadly I have more pressing things I am required to spend my time on!

That’s very kind Daniel, but the snags gone away. I’ve still got lots more bars to enter, so if it recurs I’ll zip up the project at that point and send it over. It’s not a big deal anyway, but might point to some underlying small flaw in the code somewhere - maybe.

(I’ve just been watching “Hacking Google” on YouTube - fascinating - how flaws in the code can be exploited)

Thanks Dan - I’ll make sure that none of these aspects are present when adding bars.

Update 10th Oct, nearly finished…humble pie time

You were all right, it was an 8ve marking which extended itself when adding bars.

Snag resolved.