Shift bar number frequency

Has anyone figured out how to number every four bars starting with bar 5? Since 4-bar phrases are common, there are situations where it makes sense to have the numbering go “5, 9, 13, etc.” rather than “4, 8, 12, etc.”

I suspect the easiest way would be to turn off bar numbers altogether and use Rehearsal Marks that follow the bar number sequence (globally from Engraving Options). A little manual labour but substantially less than telling Dorico to number each bar and then hiding three out of every four bar numbers.

Thanks Leo. That could work.
Somewhere in my life, I remember seeing music numbered in the way I suggest. Can’t recall whether it was a one-time thing or standard in certain formats (etudes, for example)?
I am a bit curious to know whether anyone else has had a situation to do this?

This is probably a house style. I can’t wait for these “house styles” to arrive in Dorico, with a whole bunch of options already set. This would be a game-changer (we’ve been talking about it for over four years on the forum, so this is not an easy task to build)

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Thanks, Marc.
Your diagnosis sounds about right.