"Shift" button on Nektar LX88+

I really like the new midi-remote features – trying to customize a MIDI controller used to be a pretty arcane task, and now it’s a whole lot friendlier.

There’s a feature that I think is gone, though. I’ve got a Nektar LX88+, which has a “Shift” button on it, which changes the function of other buttons while you hold it down. (I think there are a couple buttons which have the same sort of “momentary contact” behavior.) But, I can’t figure out how to make that work in the new midi-remote world.

I think I can work around it with creative use of different pages (I’m not sure that’s the term) but it still becomes a three-step process:

  • Push the “shift” key
  • Do the different thing
  • Push the “unshift” key

Am I missing something?

I assume we are talking about the surface editor here. There isn’t much more you could do.

If button X sends out to cubase MIDI message A, and the same button with shift pressed sends another message B, you could also create double the elements in your remote and have them both on it. (Button X, Shift Button X)
Will definitely look cluttered, but it’s another one page workaround.

I’m sure there’s a much better solution via scripting, but I can’t help with that, you’ll have to wait for the right people to answer.

Also, have you seen this? Maybe it works? Apart from the added octaves, the layout seems the same?

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It’s been a while since I looked at it, but if I remember correctly, the controller itself sends a separate MIDI message for the Shift button. I think the pre-MIDI-remote script handled the behavior.

The “repeated controls” strategy is useful on the LX88+ to take advantage of its multiple presets, each of which maps the controls to different MIDI messages.

I did see that, but I haven’t had a chance to try it, yet.

Yeah, I ran into that while setting up the script. Consolidating the most used on one page made it simpler.

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