Shift+Click incremental output routing w/ Direct Outputs


I currently use Cubase 11 on a Windows 10 machine.

I often make use of the <Shift+Click> function when assigning output routings to increment the outputs across multiple tracks in the mixer (e.g. assign track 1 to output 1, track 2 to output 2, etc., in sequence)

Today I was trying to do the same thing on the second row of direct outputs; however, it didn’t seem to work in that slot (didn’t try the third row or anything beyond that).

In short, the incremental routing seems to work reliably on the main output row (first row of direct outputs), but not on any direct-output routing beyond that. Hopefully that makes sense.

Is this a known function or possibly a bug?



Did you do the routing in the MixConsole window, please?

Hi Martin,

Yes the routing was in the mix-console window

After enabling the direct outputs in the mix console, I add a second output for a series of group channels. Then I highlight several group channels, and set the first output while holding shift, expecting the outputs to increment across the group channels.

All that seems to happen is that the first selected group channel changes to summing mode.

Ultimately not a huge deal for me, but would be convenient if it worked like the main output routing, where the outputs increment automatically