Shift click select tracks - only select visible tracks!!!!

Had really unexpected results discovering how this works - everything between those selected track numbers gets selected, midi tracks and whatnot.
Then doing quick link operation on that and you are in for a treat.

You click and select one track in mixer, then shift click ten tracks to the right - you only expect those visible there to be selected.
Not all hidden folders, midi tracks etc in between as well.

So please handle exactly as seen, like in mixer or project view where you do it.
Or a setting to decide how you want it - a checkbox to only select as visual state say.

Workaround is obviously Ctrl click every track instead, but tedious operation if many tracks involved.

+1. Or at least a warning dialog that hidden tracks are getting selected would be an adequate solution. This isn’t a problem most of the time for most users, but, good heavens, it could cause all kinds of unexpected mayhem when it does happen.

Thanks for support.
I came to think about using Project Logical Editor to ensure only visible tracks are selected - and do a key command to run that before actually doing anything. If visibility is something you can check, that is.

The bigger the project the more likely to try and save time selecting with shift click.

+1 +1 +1 +1