Shift-clicking system track selection with a multibar

When the layout includes a multi-bar rest, I’m unable to shift-click to select a range on the system track if it includes that multi-bar section as a start or endpoint.

For example, I have a layout labeled on the track as:

60…61…62-68…69, etc., where 68 is a 7-bar rest.

If I click on the 62-68 grey rectangle to select it, I cannot shift-click to select a region. This is true if 62-68 is clicked first, or shift-clicked.

Is this intentional? If not, I’d like to request that this functionality be added. Thanks!

Edit: on second thought, I suppose this could be superfluous, since a multi-bar rest means there’s nothing in the measure, therefore there’s nothing to select…?

Yes, that’s basically it: there’s nothing there, so you can’t select it. This doesn’t pose a problem in practice because either the selection will end before the multi-bar rest, in which case including the multi-bar rest in the selection won’t do anything anyway, or it ends after the multi-bar rest, in which case you can just Shift+click the bar after the multi-bar rest anyway.

Yeah makes sense. Thanks.

This was one of those posts that seemed like a good idea at the time… :unamused:

Gotta love Dan’s humility and humor! Post on, Dan! :slight_smile: