Shift from 5-line to 2-line?

Hi folks,

Super curious how to change a treble staff to a two line staff. I’m thinking of Anglican chant with clef-less chant dictated on two lines.

Is this possible?

Have you tried (on a copy of your file) using the change instrument setting on Setup to change you treble to a keyboard or chorus instrument?


I’m having trouble getting just the two line part going and no clef.

No I have not.

So you just want two line in the staff, not a two-stave system?
My mistake.


See if this helps

Your Blank Clef exists in the “Uncommon Clefs” area. Since the 2-line staff is always the bottom two lines, you would have to create a transposing “treble” to put C above the top line.

(I haven’t done this yet, but no doubt that is possible.)


Thank you. I will investigate further this evening. Thank you for your input.

You can create a two-line staff instrument in Dorico Pro 5 using Library > Instruments, but the instrument editor is only part of Dorico Pro, so if you’re using Dorico Elements or Dorico SE you won’t have this option.


Wow. I have never seen a 2-line staff for chant, in 50 years of Anglican music-making!

As Daniel says, you can create an Instrument with 2 lines in the Instrument Editor – but Dorico draws it as the bottom 2 lines, e.g. “removing” the top 3.

This makes getting a flat on the second line a bit difficult. Dorico’s invisible clef is a Treble G clef, so your Deacon’s first note would actually be a D, when in fact it’s supposed to be an F.

You could create a key signature that has one G flat, and as long as you didn’t want playback, it would sort of work.

But if everyone involved has read the bit above on 5 lines…

I guess it must be an American thing. I have seen it in many Episcopal church bulletins.

This is very likely an American thing, since the Exsultet is such a simple chant… they maybe wanted to make it as simple as possible, especially if it was a Deacon (likely not a musician) to sing it! That’s American innovation for ya! (LOL)

Thank you for this! Is there a way to make a soprano clef invisible?

See my answer above. Dorico has an invisible clef, which is a Treble G clef.

Yes, I get that, but I mean a Soprano clef, not a G clef.

If you mean a C1 clef, then you’ll have to change the C clef music symbol to “nothing” in the Music Symbols editor. But that will affect all C clefs.

I posted the doricolib file to add an invisible Bass Clef in this thread. You can modify the definition to create an invisible Soprano Clef if you want.

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