Shift functions - is there anyway?

I dislike the workarounds I’ve had to do with my midi remotes when the unit would usually make use of the shift function. All midi devices have one yet we don’t seem to have been supplied anyway to do that in the midi remote editor, is that correct or not? I’ve heard people say you can, that you can’t, that you can but only if you code it, not by the GUI, that you can use a generic remote in tandem with your remote script. I just want to know how to make it work. I’ll pay someone to help me with this that’s how long it’s been going on for.


You can do it via script only.

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There are devices which upon holding shift, change the midi messages of their controls. In this case, sure, it’s obviously possible to use the assistant for this, otherwise it’s exactly as @Martin.Jirsak says.

ok thanks guys,
In this case im using my old maschine jam (which i love) and I’ve used a midi monitor to check whats happening and it seems it is not sending a different midi message with the shift button down. the shift button itself is ‘greyed out’ in their controller editor software so im not sure how it works natively but obviously, it does.
Well, i’ll have to learn how to code the api which i;'ve been avoiding for sometime now. One last thing, if I’ve already developed a midi remote for the jam via the gui, whats the best i can’t export this and continue on using the code form there…

Though technically possible, I haven’t seen a utility up to date to do this. Actually, it’s in my plans, but busy with other projects currently.

Just before you start and maybe lose time, I think you should really check if a midi message is exposed by this Shift button. I’ve seen controllers not sending anything, while other obviously do.

Appreciate that, i have, i’ve got this app open called midi monitor which is great, it always lists anything happening. for example, one of my MPC units has a shift function of sorts that in cubase appears to be invisible or silent but systex message is picked up by the midi monitor. Unfortunately, not the case for the shift button on the jam. The resulting cc note is the same regardless of whether or not it is depressed. I either learn how to do the api scipritng or continue on with making various page layouts for all the secondary functions which is bloody time consuming i tell you. this part of it is not that good, we should be able to do this so easily in 2023.

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. I didn’t mean that you should monitor if upon holding shift, the other controls send a different message. I was talking strictly about whether the shift key sends a message on its own.

Note that depending on the script’s complexity it may take multiple times the effort using the assistant.

Nah I understood you, I’ve tried both, also tried mapping shift key in other wrappers like element etc I usually find good for finding out stuff like this

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If your shift key does not send any messages on its own and does not alter the message of another controller while held down, I can’t see how you can make use of it with or without a MIDI Remote script.

I don’t have to use the one that’s says shift on it or nothing, I can substitute one that does work but to be honest I’m running out of steam, it’s really just because it bothers me more than anything else