Shift functions on midi remote control map

I’ve successfully mapped all the top level functions of the Frontier Tranzport except the jog wheel that moves the cursor position either forward or rewinds it. Does anyone know how to map that?

Also, the Transport allows you to access an additional function for any button by holding down the shift key and pressing the button. Does anyone know how to add mapping for that in the mapping assistant?

Similarly, a third function for a key can be accessed by holding down the stop key and simultaneously pressing a button. I’m sure this would be handled in the same way.


Do you use the Mapping Assistant or do you wipe the JavaScript code?

I use the mapping assistant. Thanks for any help. john


I’m afraid this is not possible in the Mapping Assistant.

How difficult would it be to modify the java?


It’s not Java, it’s JavaScript (different language). If you have some programming knowledge, it’s eazy to learn the MIDI Remote API.

Programming the shift function is probably beyond my capabilities, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this functionality turned up in a future Cubase upgrade.

How about the jog wheel function? Is that command available in the mapping assistant and maybe I overlooked it?


There are Jog Left and Jog Right Key Commands. But it’s the same case as it is with the Rewind and Forward. With the Mapping Assistant you cannot assign 2 commands to one HW controller.

Actually even for the scripting it’s a bit advanced.

Hmm. I see what you are saying.
Now in the previous versions of cubase the Frontier Tranzport jog wheel worked correctly. I wonder if there is some older code out there from previous versions that could be copied and pasted into a new script?

It’s not that big a deal. Just intellectual curiosity.


Older Cubase versions didn’t use the MIDI Remote API at all. The Frontier device was made as a component, which has nothing to do with the script, sorry.

Thanks for the explanation . . . and now I know!