Shift-G function changed from 6.5 to 7 upgrade...

Can somone tell me if I can save the key commands as a preset from cubase 6.5 and import it into cubase 7.

As I need to change the default key command in 7 (shift+g) = from zoom out vertically, to the key command in 6.5 (shift+g) = set start end markers on selection and automatically loop play.

Where do I find the saved preset? will it work? if not how do I change it in 7 to be lik 6.5?


Aloha j,
I use the "Key Commands’ function for stuff like what you asked.
Keeping in mind that I sometimes do have to change the existing KC
to one that works for me but no biggie.

Perhaps KC will also help with your prob.



I thought I was going crazy and couldnt remember whether it was same keys, but I miss this handy key command SHIFT + G too

EDIT - hang on C7 manual says its still SHIFT + G wtf!!

Just re-assign the key command or learn the new one.

thanks for the reply guys,

so im setting my own macro and saving it as shift-g. Now I have the first 2 parts correct, the seletion sets the start and end marker and the cycle turns on, but how do i get it to start playing at the start of the selection not at the begining of the track?

what is that command called?


still cant work this last command out.

Does someone know what its called?

Hej jpetrou

There’s no need to make a macro to do what you want -

The command you are looking for is called “Loop Selection” and you’ll find it in the Transport folder in the Key Commands dialog window. :wink:

Best regards

Cheers mate!!!