SHIFT-H popover, how to use it


so far I have not found any information in how to use the SHIFT-H popover.
What can I input there, for example to get a fermata?
What other options exist?
Thank you for help.

by try and error I found this: Type SHIFT-H, then type „fermata“, then type Enter.
This will give you a fermata/pause

Quite a long process… I find it faster to click on the icon ! Maybe Dorico’s team could come with faster keystrokes (just like for articulation, for instance — the 1, 2, 3… keys corresponding to the icons of the right panel, maybe ?)

I’m sorry that I haven’t yet finished the long-promised write-up of everything you can type into the popovers. I will try to get to that today or tomorrow if I can.

That’s something I asked about at the very beginning. Finale users are still spoiled by ‘metatools’ which allow you to assign a keystroke to any articulation or expression, which then can be instantly clicked into the score, both individually and in groups. It’s even easier than the basic articulation keystrokes offered by Dorico. Holding a single key and clicking a note to enter a mf is a lot quicker than click-Shift-D, m, f, Return, especially if you have to enter lots of dynamics. At the time I mentioned this, Daniel responded that it wouldn’t be possible to change this in Dorico (at the moment) but that it might be possible to create a macro in a program which would simulate this function, although that’s not really a solution. For now, it’s quicker for me to enter most things like this in Finale and then export them via XML.

Thanks, Daniel. A printed list of popover text meanings would certainly be handy to have available until it becomes second nature.