Shift Key does not work?

Does anyone know why my shift key does not work for key commands? It’s not caps lock I did check that ?

Windows 8.1

Cubase 7.5

Does the shift key work in other software?
Make sure the keyboard itself isn’t broken.

Yes it does work in other programs.

I will try another keyboard.

If it is working in other programs no need to try another keyboard.
That is a strange one.

The standard answer to this and many other issues is to trash the preferences.

I just moved to PC… how do you trash prefs on a PC? note the shift key is working…[product]=296[product]=172

Sorry everyone…
New to windows indeed, it was that I had NUMBER LOCK on so when that is on. I did not realize that the number pad becomes exclusive in windows if NUMBER LOCK is on.

Feeling a little dim right now…