Shift + [letter key] — published List of word options?


I LOVE that this option is available in Dorico… and I also hope that it gets extended into an even more powerful tool, capable of doing more functions in the future.

For right now, I’d like to know if there’s a list of words that’s associated with each of the different letter keys.

When using the Time Signature (Shift + M) option… I’ve been guessing on what might trigger a ‘cut-time’ input.

‘C’ brings up common time, which is an encouraging result that something else might trigger cut time… but I haven’t found what it might be so far.

entering in… ‘cut’, nor a variety of cut+time options [cuttime; cut-time; cut_time; ct (abbrev)] also don’t work,… but, this approach seems promising in the since that common terms might also be able to be used as input.

I also tried… ‘C/’, ‘C’, or ‘C-’ but these don’t get it either.

****** To anyone running across this thread: A list of words has been put out which corresponds with the Dorico 1.0.10 update…

OR visit Dorico’s FAQ:

The character ¢ does the trick for cut time, Option + 4 on Mac, not sure how to type it on Windows.

Thank You,

That’s a great call. I am on a mac so this will be easy to do in the future, so long as I can remember to use it.

I didn’t even think about the idea that extended characters could be used here.

In this case I’ll rework my question into a feature request to allow common phrase input into the popover box. At some level that will be helpful for those not familiar with extended keyboard mapping, or even forgetful folks.

Thanks again for the tip, Liamk!

We appreciate that these aren’t particularly discoverable right now, and we’re working as fast as we can to update the documentation to fix that.

In the meantime you can also type “cutc”. On Windows to get the ¢ character you should hold down alt, type 0162 and release alt.

How do you create a pickup beat in a ¢ signature?

Shift-M “cutc,1”

that’s what I thought, but it won’t work. Works fine with all other signatures

Works with ¢,0.5 (since ¢=2/2)

It works for me. The pickup beat is a half note long, as I would expect.

Thanks Ben,

I’m sure you guys are. I have a tremendous amount of trust in the Dorico Dev team.

I’m also willing to settle for shabby formatting so long as it’s accurate information which will aid my learning curve efforts here. which is to say I can live without a finely polished help document. It doesn’t have to be that nice.

availability is key at the moment.

To anyone running across this thread: A list has been put out which corresponds with the Dorico 1.0.10 update…

OR visit Dorico’s FAQ: