I know this one is bandied about here, and I know these are now discontinued, but is there any chance for this functionality anytime soon? Just picked up a cmc-ch and if it had the shift-lock ability, it would be amazing!

Surely this one has to be relatively easy? :laughing:

I need it so much. I don’t know why they didn’t before.

You have to balance a Zippo lighter on the shift key – at least that’s the rock ‘n’ roll method. :O)

These devices are almost not worth using for me without a shift-lock. Who wants to use two hands to control one knob? (no funny answers please)

+1 Yes absolutely!

All they had to do was change the Shift to toggle mode…

Can we have JUST this one thing?
It will take a coder there maybe 5 mins to give this a toggle capability!!!