shift midi data? slide? what's it called?

Surely there is a way to select a portion of midi data and place it at another location? But I can’t find it, again consulting the manual but perhaps don’t know the cubase word for it. I want to shift the notes, controllers, and pitch bend events forward 23 bars of 3/4 time … for instance.

Make a selection. Then:

Click and drag to new position or

use Ctrl+left/right arrow keys(will move according to quantise setting) or

type in new position into info line where it says start

Ahah. That last works for what I do! Thank you. The drag is too error prone for me, the ‘nudge’ can take forever for a big move, but saying exactly where to put the new start works just as nice as anyone could want.

You can also use cut and paste, or copy and paste - with the project cursor at the desired destination. And this position can also be entered in the transport panel.