shift music by 5let semi

Can anyone suggest a good way to shift a passage backwards by a quintuplet semiquaver?

Have you tried deleting unwanted note(s) with insert mode on? That would, in general, shift back any following music (on that staff). But if tuplets are involved, you may need extra steps or precautions. Hard to tell without seeing the context. A screenshot and/or the actual Dorico file (zip first) would’ve helped a bit.

It’s just quintuplets to shift back by one quintuplet. If you could set the grid to 1/5 semi it would be easy.

Just set the grid to semis and use Alt-left.

I’ve attached a cutdown file. I want to move the second phrase back into the 1/5 semi rest. Setting grid to semis and shifting doesn’t work for me. What am I doing wrong? (543 KB)

Hmm. I tried several things and only managed to make a real mess. Unfortunately I now even encountered a very reproducible crash (on my system at least): take steveparker’s project, select all notes starting from the first note after the rest in bar 3 (either 1 or both staves), and try cut (cmd-X). Dorico simply vanishes from existence. I attach a diagnostics file I made right after restarting Dorico, in case it might be of help.

(edit: cmd-X is cut, not copy, of course)
Dorico (470 KB)

It may save time just to re-enter the music. Trying to cheat the tuplets gave me no joy, and I had the same crash as PjotrB.

Things I tried before crashing:

  • setting the grid to semis (16ths) and shifting everything after the rest to the left with alt-left: only smears out the first two quavers, deleting the quintuplet on beat 1. All quintuplets after it are unaffected, but it also creates a bar 5, with an empty quintuplet in it.
  • delete the rest at the start of bar 3 with insert mode on: the quintuplet on the first beat is treated as it should be, takes one semiquaver/16th from the second beat into the quintuplet, but the 2nd beat loses the quintuplet and is now a regular group of 4 semis/16ths
  • then I was about to try copy/paste, but see crash above.

If the notes inside the quintuplets would have ‘known’ they aren’t regular quavers and semiquavers/8ths and 16ths, but 10ths and 20ths, shifting the rhythm over 1/20th would’ve been straightforward… But let’s not do this discussion again.

I usually do moves like this a few notes at a time, and it works well. You can select both right and left hands for several notes, as long as you stay within a beat, and shift backwards. It’s not as fast as selecting the whole phrase, but in my experience it’s faster than re-entering everything.

Thanks all for looking at the file. I’ll try doing it a beat at once. It would be useful to be able to set the grid to a selected note.