Shift notes and chord symbols

I can’t seem to figure out how to select and shift notes AND chord symbols/diagrams using opt(alt)+arrow. I can move the notes, but I can’t get the chord symbols to move with them. Am I missing something?

Did you select the chord symbol/diagram as well as selecting the notes?

@stevenjones01 I did, yes.

That’s strange, because usually the opt/alt+arrow combination will move everything that is selected.


I’ve just now opened up a project which contains notes and chord symbols/diagrams. Selecting everything in the bar and then using opt/alt+arrow moved everything together. I selected by using the System Track, and also by selecting the notes first and then command-clicking (I’m on a Mac) the chord symbol/diagram to add it to the selection. I also used the selection marquee to click and drag across what I wanted to select. The method of selection made no difference - the move worked every time.
Out of curiosity, I tried doing this in Engrave mode and only the chord symbols/diagrams moved.
If you want, post the document here and I’ll have a look at it to see if I can find anything which might be causing the problem.

@stevenjones01 Thank you. I actually got it figured out. I’m not sure how, but I got it. It didn’t work when I selected to the end of the score, but it worked, for whatever reason, when I selected 8-bar chunks, so I just did it that way, and all is well. Thanks for your support!

Good to hear that you got it working.

If you select material by e.g. selecting one note then Shift-clicking a later item, chord symbols are not selected. This is deliberate, as chord symbols are system objects, so if you were selecting a phrase to duplicate to staves below at the same position say, you wouldn’t need the chord symbols.

Using the system track is one way to make sure they’re selected, because the system track selects absolutely everything, including time signatures and chord symbols. Or, you can of course use other selection methods but just make sure the chord symbols are explicitly selected, i.e. orange, e.g. by Ctrl/Cmd-clicking them after making the rest of your selection.

Thanks, @Lillie_Harris