Shift-O, arpeggio entry during note entry

When entering notes (after pressing Shift-N) I’m using Shift-O popover to enter things like trills and mordents without any problem. When I specify “arpeggio” in the popover while in note entry nothing happens. If I exit note entry and select a chord or single note and use the popover it works fine. Why do some popover elements work in note entry mode and others don’t. (Or is this a bug)? (I’ve searched the forums trying to find an answer).

I think during note input, you can only input an arpeggio if Chord mode is active (ie you’re intending to input more than one note at the caret position to build up a chord). If you input the arpeggio before inputting any notes, nothing will happen but once you’ve input at least one note, you should see the arpeggio sign.

I didn’t try chord mode. I was using interval mode. I assumed since it is possible to put an arpeggio (wavy line) on a single selected note when not in note input mode (no caret) that it would be possible to do so in note input mode. Chord mode works good when entering notes from the computer keyboard. However, when using a midi keyboard to play in a chord, which doesn’t require one to be in chord mode, in order to get the popover to work, it requires the extra step of switching to chord mode (or waiting until all notes are input then adding the arpeggio).

I find I cannot add ornaments during note entry. I tried it in 3.5 and 4.0, so this is no change.

(BTW, to save you time, you need only type arp.)

I think for ornaments, you have to press Space after inputting them (as per the last step here).

I tried it. That of course makes sense for a trill, which has duration. But it doesn’t work for an arpeggio (and it wouldn’t make sense if it did).

No, for an arpeggio in note input, you have to have Chord mode activated (as discussed earlier in this thread).