Shift Select doesn't behave correctly

in a project with several tracks

  1. select a track in the project window
  2. Hold down Shift
  3. Click up or down arrow. You should have 2 tracks selected
  4. Click the arrow the other direction. Instead of subtracting a row from the selection, it adds a row to the selection in the opposite direction.

I think this has been this way for awhile. I just don’t like it.

That’s funny. That is not the way it works in other apps, but when I noticed this in Cubase I liked it. :slight_smile:

hehe, that’s why I don’t like it. It’s a WTF is going on every time for me. I end up having to CLICK the top and bottom. I HATE CLICKING…

+1 it should work in the same or similar manner to standard applications.

The closer we get to standard behaviors the better IMV.