Shift-Space no longer selects previous syllable

In previous versions, Shift-Spacebar would move the lyric popover to the previous syllable. It seems that no longer works, which is a small thing but a bit of a bummer. Is this an intentional change?

I’ve just tried this in both Dorico 4 and Dorico 3.5, and in neither version does Shift+Space cause the popover to move to the previous syllable, nor is it something that rings a bell with me as something we’ve implemented. (It’s also not documented e.g. here.)

So I’m not sure what you’re remembering, Dan, but I don’t think it’s a built-in feature of Dorico that has been removed.

Sorry Daniel, I had confused it with the chord symbol popover, which does move to the previous rhythmic position using Shift-Spacebar.

It would be handy to replicate this behavior to the lyric popover, but it seems I’ve imagined it!