Shift "X" Text alignment question

I am not 100% sure how or what calculates the alignment of Shift X properties. I am adding numbers above certain notes (every 10th note) and sometimes adjust the alignment (left, right, centered) the adjustment takes, other times it does not.

Am I missing something here? Can somebody help me understand? All of these have been set to be centered. You can see the 50, is way different than the other 2.


And just be sure, this is so minimal in the grand scheme of things. It just boggles my mind why it does what it does. Nothing about this constitutes a dire case.


It sounds like maybe you might be clicking out of the text item before Dorico’s had a chance to process your command to change the alignment of the text. If you wait a moment before you click away, does that help?

You know, that was last night. And when I went to try your idea this afternoon, it shows it centered as I would expect. So restarting the program (or at least closing and reopening) seems to have fixed it.

I’ll take you idea into account in the future.