Shift-x text objects displacement

When I inputing text via shift-X and trying to do the same thing with another note (another shift-x command), the first object changes its position. Why it’s happening?
I recorded this error by recording my desktop via Quicktime, but I don’t know how can I attache video in my post.

I think most people post their video on youTube (or the like) and give a link to the file in their message here.

if you change the file identifier from .mov to .zip you will be able to attach the film here. Or you could
actually zip the movie file and attach it here.

Thank you. Here it is. (1.84 MB)

Could you please attach the project that exhibits this problem here? You will have to zip it up, or at least change the .dorico file extension to .zip. Otherwise, you could email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

I’ve just encountered a similar problem:

For me it only happens when the second text object is Shift-Alt-X. If I use Shift-X the position of the other object is not affected.

Here is the project:
chord naming (444 KB)

I can’t view the video, for some reason, but I expect this problem will be fixed in the forthcoming update. There were some issues with Shift+Alt+X text in particular that have now been fixed.

Glad to hear it’s been fixed. The video, in case you’re interested, is now available (forgot to change privacy settings)

I had the same thing happening, cmd-Z for Undo would increase the offset of my textobject = make things worse. If I remember correctly, even trying to move the text object with the mouse into the right direction wasn’t possible.