Shifting a passage to and fro

I think I read somewhere along the line that it’s possible in Dorico to highlight a passage and shift the whole thing forward or backwards a fixed distance without leaving the trailing notes you get in Sibelius when you use cut and paste to do the same thing as shown in the example below
stave 1 is what I accidentally wrote.
Stave 2 is what I want.
Stave three is what I get in Sibelius if I cut and paste the notes I want to the correct place.

It would be great if this operation could be done in one simple step.
shifting notes.JPG

You should be able to achieve this in Dorico by selecting the notes you want to move and typing Alt+right/left arrow, which will move the selected events by the currently chosen rhythmic grid resolution (the rhythmic grid being the little orange ruler lines that show above the staff during note input, and which determine the amount by which the caret moves with the arrow keys). However, trying it in today’s build, it’s not working at the moment (the events end up getting deleted rather than moved), so this is one of many things that still needs some attention from us before it will work as fully intended.