Shifting Cubase 6.5 to Windows 11?

I am a long-time Cubase 6.5 user and have been using it on Windows 10 for the longest time. I am finally upgrading my studio PC to a brand new unit which will be running Windows 11. Two questions:

  1. Is Cubase 6.5 supported on Windows 11 or will I need a newer version?
  2. How does one shift the licensing + dongle usage for a new PC? Is it a matter of installing Cubase on the new PC and de-registering the dongle on the older PC and then re-registering it on the new one?

Many thanks!

Don’t know about 1.

But the dongle is what has the license, not the computer. So there is no registering computers, just move the dongle over and install the eLicense software.

Are you aware that support for the old license system is ending next year? The dongles are supposed to continue functioning (unlike the soft eLicense) unsupported until they don’t for any reason.

6.5 is pretty long in the tooth - you might want keep an eye open for upgrade sales.

No, it was supported up to Windows 8. Everything higher might work, but Cubase 6.5 is out of Support anyways for years now. So if something doesn’t work you are one your own.
As @raino says, time to look for an Upgrade, especially because Support for the eLicenser ends next years.

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I see. So how are the newer versions going to be authenticated without dongles moving forward?

Your My Steinberg account knows what you are licensed for. You are allowed to activate (using the Activation Manager app) a product on up to 3 computers at once. Once it’s activated, it just works.

True. Is it possible to run versions of Cubase without a dongle currently? I.e., could I run 6.5 on my current PC without one using the Activation Manager?

The new Steinberg Licensing is used by Cubase 12 and higher. All earlier releases will stay on the eLicenser, as long as your USB stick works.
After the end of Support next year there is it not even possible to upgrade anymore. It is all described in the Support article.

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