Shifting instruments from one player to another

I d know how to shift an instrument from one player to another. What I do not understand is: I have a Djembe that switches to toms, and in the players list in setup mode I have puili sticks. Now I wnat to switch the toms to the puili player - but the puii player is listed nowhere, so I cannot implement the switch. If I click on the puili player I can switch it to other instruments - there is one empty handed player which I can chose, but if I want to shift the toms to that playwer, as well, I cannot find it in the list, either. Another mystery?!

I’m a little confused from your terminology about what you’re trying to achieve.

Could you maybe attach a screenshot?

I´m sorry, but I can´t make a screenshot from the opened instrument change dialogue. But here´s a screenshot from the instruments I would like to swap.
Bildschirmfoto 2023-02-06 um 09.41.46
The toms should go to the puili sticks player. When I open the change instruments dialogue the puili sticks are not listed in the instruments I can change to.

Have you tried clicking and dragging the Toms to the Puili Sticks player?

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Yes, doesn´t work.

Your Puili Sticks player is actually set as a Section Player, which can only hold one instrument. This might be the issue.

If I understand correctly, you should be able to create a new empty-handed single player and drag the Puili Sticks and Tom instruments there…

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Yes, thank you!! I figured that would be the way to go, but wanted to wait what you´d say.

Yep, worked fine. BUT now Dorico writes no bar line in those instruments. OMG, this is an endless process.

Try restarting Dorico to see if the bar lines reappear, but first go to Engrave and reapply the bracket for the two instruments.

I just shifted notes/instruments from one percussion player to another, after I had created a new single perc. player, to combine the instruments with. Now Dorico combines those instruments and notes just fine, but it leaves out the bar lines. What can I do to change that?

Hi. I’ve just read the other thread (why open a new one?), make sure you have signposts visible, and check out the beginning of your score. I bet there’s an open metre in local on those staves, delete the signpost to get rid of that metre.


You where right, and not quite right. There where no signposts, but I saw that the brackets for the perc players where gone, and somehow Dorico wrote no bar lines. Now I put the brackets back - voila - bar lines in all their beauty. Thank you!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

You had made a brackets/barlines change in bar1 which removed those barlines.

It seems to me that all the problems you have encountered with this score are due to overrides you have made to Dorico’s normal behaviour. Perhaps there’s a lesson to be learned?

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The bracket change likely happened when he changed the section player to an individual player, and if the OP had not made a separate thread, this would be clear.

Lesson? For sure! I imported the notes I think via music mxl, or midi, I don´t quite remember. They came from Logic pro X. I had no idea there would be some many conflicts. The whole of Dorio is one big lesson for me, and I am not particulary apt at dealing with programs like that. So, yes , a lesson, but which one? :wink:

First tip I could give you, when you import xml to Dorico: make sure in Preferences>import xml everything is unticked. Only tick some options when you really know what you are doing (and even though I think I know what I’m doing, they’re all unticked all the time!)
We know there’s a learning curve, so don’t give up now, you’ll be rewarded!


Very valuable advice, @MarcLarcher , thank you! And, by the way, I can´t give up, I am bound to master this one way or the other. I may take a little longer than the average student, but I must get a grip on it.

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