Shifting multi bar rests horizontally?

Although I have looked up the forum in order to find out how to shift rests horizontally (and I guess its not possible …) I still try to find a workaround for this specific problem:
Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-13 um 11.26.08.png
The time signature (2/4+3/8) is an inserted playing technique symbol since its not possible to create this time signature by the shift-m popover.
So now the multibar rest is located centered between 7/8 and the next barline – but notcentered between the last bracket of …3/8) and the barline.
Is there any possibility to get the multibar rest placed more on the right?
Thanks in advance!

Have you tried the “Note Spacing” mode in Engraving? I don’t know what to suggest other than playing around with the handles in order to add space at the beginning of the bar.

Thanks. Yes, I know this possibility. There is a note/rest spacing possibility but not a multibar/whole bar rest spacing option. You cannot drag multi/whole bar rests. But somehow I should be able to relocate the multibar/whole bar rest …

Rests, including bar rests, cannot be shifted horizontally.

Yes, unfortunately for the time being you cannot alter the horizontal position of individual multi-bar rests. We intend to add some further options concerning the placement of multi-bar rests in a future version.