Shifting notes by pressing 'alt + up/down arrow' when using percussion clef


On pitched instruments, shifting notes by pressing ‘alt + up/down arrow’ does not work when using percussion clef.
For me, it is somewhat strange.

Let me explain why I need it:
I am using customised instruments.
For example, I need four triangles, but there are not libraries which provide multiple triangles.
I may use the inborn percussion in Dorico, but it does not allow dynamic marks to work when playing.
Thus, I must copy the dynamic marks in score view and must paste them in the linked layout (part).
It is very complicated in the working process. Hence, I prefer to use regular five-line staff with percussion clef.

Would be any way to vertically shift notes with percussion clef?
Is there any reason that Dorico does not support it if this behaviour is intended?

Percussion kits are basically condensed staves - they take the music from the individual staves of the individual instruments, then automatically condense them onto one five-line stave. The development team have confirmed on numerous occasions (including in the last week) that they’re planning on improving the way that Percussion works. In the meantime, you’re best off ensuring that you put the caret on the correct instrument with the up/down arrows before entering the “pitch”.

Hello, pianoleo!

Thank you for your answer.

I think my explanation was not insufficient.
In this case, I made a non-percussion instrument in Kontakt. I do not need a percussion instrument staff in Dorico. For the instrument, I am using a standard five-line staff with percussion clef.
If I change it to treble clef, I can shift the note vertically (changing pitch). I need the same way also with the percussion clef.

Percussion kits are condensed staves, but percussion clefs are not staves.
Please let me know if I miss something.

Ah - sorry for misunderstanding your question. I think it’s understandable that percussion clefs don’t understand the Raise/Lower Pitch By Step shortcuts, given percussion clefs don’t represent pitch, but it’s less understandable that they do respect the Raise/Lower Pitch By Chromatic Step shortcuts. Perhaps use those?

Thanks, by pressing alt + shift + up/down arrow, I can change the pitch…
It seems to be a bug, in my humble opinion.

Thanks again for your finding! It helps a lot!