Shifting notes up or down by an octave

i am new to dorico and especially new to Dorico 4 Pro.
I have a simple question What is the easiest way in dorico to shift notes up or down by an Octave in a Windows 10 compute?.
Control+Alt= up/down arrow just rotates the screen. Is there another way of doing it.

There’s a known conflict on Windows with another application commandeering the key command for transposing notes up/down an octave. See this page for information about how to rectify that.

Alternatively, you can use the note tools popover. For what you can enter into the note tools popover, see here.

Thanks for your suggestion Lillie. I was able to disable the screen rotation in the graphics control panel and thereby free up the cntl-alt arrow comand for use in Dorico.
Much appreciated!