Shifting Tempo Track w Project

Submitted this to support but figured might be even faster on here.

I’m working on a master project file to use for live shows, right now it is set to 120bpm but I want to have the tempo change when i go to the next track marker so that the midi I’m outputting to some synths is at the correct bpm and that the clock is sent out as well.

I have all my tracks (audio, marker, video, and midi) in a folder, so I can usually drag the top part and move around the tracks freely without messing with the timing of my midi for lighting, etc.

but it seems like even if i add the tempo track to this folder that doesn’t follow what I’m doing/dragging, it just stays static while everything else moves around the project. So if I drag what is now track 5 to the beginning to be track 1, it wouldn’t have the tempo changes and stuff.

is there any way to either have a midi file automatically trigger the tempo changes, embed the bpm into the wav file so it changes the project when it starts, or anything like that?

yep… i see your problem here.
in the method u use with " master folder" tempo track won’t follow, unles the folder is selected with the range selection tool(double click with range selection tool on the “master folder” to select it) but again it can create a mess.
1:u can use the arranger track to build sections and to choose and change songs order in the fly, or create different arranger chains for different shows.
2: using the range editing,u can move copy etc… sections with all its info (tempo, markers time sig etc…)
its under edit->range

as a side note, i had similar idea with “master folder” about a year ago, hope steinberg implement and improve it so this “master folder” could move all content within it easily with no “side effects” :wink: . it can be a powerful fast section editing

I too would recommend this :wink:.