Shine Like The Sun

Track 3 from a new album.

I have used lyrics written by my sister from times past,
and (I hope) given them a second moment.

It’s hard to make a criticism of this… everything is clear. There are a few points where the guitar is louder than the vocals. The point is never lost. Nicely done, thanks. Examining the stereo of it to learn…

Jet!!! :smiley:

Good to see you - hope you are well.

Nice tune. Well done, as usual.


That’s a beautiful song, Jet. I really like your vocals here, almost understated but the passion rings through. Your sister is clearly talented too.


Hi Leon, and thanks for the listen and feedback.

Too late to fix vox any levels now as it’s all done and dusted.
Still, I always believe every rug needs a flaw. :laughing:

I used an enormously wide and rich Lexicon verb as well as two delays,
one of which was the SDD3000 which has an amazing stereo spread of its
own. I think I may have sent some of the verb to the delay as well.
I then used Mid/Side for frequency distribution.

The Dolby SR affected the final sound too, as it has a subtle
compression characteristic that isn’t on the straight-out-of-the-DAW mix.
It seems to accentuate the ambience in a very pleasing way.

Jeff! Hello there mate!

Nice to hear from you.

I will be back in NY next autumn so I
hope we can hook up again somewhere

All good here in HK. Hope it’s the same for you too.


thanks for your kind review.

Maree’s lyrics are from a song she wrote after the death of our mother.
I took only one verse of her words and did this rather spontaneous arrangement.

She’s a gifted singer too but doesn’t do much of it these days.
I did manage though to get her and my other sister Louise on one track
on the new album. Better than nothing. :smiley:

Stunning work, such beautiful lyrics and so professionally executed…it’s such a travesty that this isn’t on tv/radio…
would stand way above most stuff on there…


Went back to listen again, but I have to buy it to listen to it now. I will definitely buy the album when it’s ready! Looking forward to it. So you just need to go all digital, get rid of all that analog-y stuff, and then you can change it on the fly like I do! Although I admit sometimes I would like to send my own stuff to you for post-processing! Had a tape deck years ago and it was a noisy disaster.

Very nice ,i like the guitar work , lyrics and voice are great as usual.

Yes , lovely song. Really like the arrangement, agree about the tremolo/strumming guitar sound, seems to loud for me too and drownes the subtle other guitar additions.
Did you use some voice correction? There is a little trace of that sometimes or i am tricked by your perfect tuned singing :smiley: . The emotional impact of the song doesn’t need a perfect tune i think.
The mastering is very nice and clear.
Really nice to hear to listen to one of your songs again.