Shipping presets

I want to ship a couple of factory presets with our plugin.
I’ve read through the relevant documentation at Presets & Program Lists and Preset Locations.
From there I gather that “Factory presets must be installed as files at the required location” which would be /usr/local/share/vst3/presets/$COMPANY/$PLUGIN-NAME/ however, at least on my system there is no vst3 folder in share. Which is curious, because I see that the example mda JX10 has presets - seems it doesn’t follow the way it is documented.
Searching for the preset names I can find them in vst3sdk/public.sdk/samples/vst/mda-vst3/source/mdaJX10Controller.cpp row 104 fff. but it remains a mystery where the values of the presets are.
In fact searching my whole harddisk for *.vstpreset the only such files are in ~/.BitwigStudio/plugin-states. Those are state savings, not factory presets.

How do I do this?

Turns out, saving presets from the DAW and putting them in the right path just works™, no hacking required. Still remains a mystery why the examples don’t follow the documentation, how the examples do it and why they aren’t doing it the documented way.