Shocking high CPU load on Halion 6.1


I’ve recently got back into using Halion 6.1 and have purchased a significant computer upgrade (listed in my signature). I’m going through sounds on Halion and during my time with the FLUX instrument in particular, I’m finding that it tanks the CPU on some sounds. As I mainly use MIDI instrument patches for my work, I currently use a UR22 ASIO set to 192 KHz and 1024 samples in the Studio Setup page to allow me to have a very low input latency (I teach piano for a living so using a larger input latency becomes really distracting for me).

I’m no expert when it comes to Cubase or any of the VST instruments I currently own so I would appreciate any help any of you could possibly offer me.

Thank you,


Try 44.1 k samples for sample rate and 256 for the buffer. To get less latency you use a smaller buffer, not a higher sample rate.

That worked great, thank you :smiley: