Shocking OUT of Sync Audio

I’ve been working on one song. It’s a VST track for drums and audio tracks of guitar to lay down the framework of the song.

This whole thing might be my fault – I was trying to do a tempo change at measure 111 following what was said on the online manual. Imagine my surprise that the audio is permanently out of sync!?!

I think I tried tempo changes, which never worked by-the-way, and didn’t actually revert to saved version but must have saved it with the error.

Audio is permanently out of synch. I have to start over on the song. Just wondering if others have experienced the out of sync issue? My solution is to never – never try to do anything sophisticated again with Cubase with a song that might require starting over.

If I have another part of the song with different tempo I will just create a new Cubase song with correct tempo attach the finished songs together with Wavelab?

You thoughts are welcome, thx!

Sorry to be direct but this doesn’t sound shocking to me. It sounds like you probably need to read up on Musical Mode for audio clips and Musical Time Base for audio and MIDI tracks and how those affect the movement of the MIDI and Audio parts in the project. I also doubt that the audio was permanently out of sync. I am fairly sure it could have been reversed if you knew how it got that way.

Well, looked at with fresh eyes today and the audio are nice but when I put new drum vst of any kind the drums don’t sync. Also I noticed the metronome doesn’t synch…it’s off too.

So you are probably right that it can be fixed, but, good grief. Wouldn’t you suggest any music with different tempos be done separately and than put together with wavelab as finished product?

No, jaslan is correct. This all works very well if you understand and correctly use the various settings. One key point of confusion - make sure you understand the difference between Musical Mode and Musical Timebase which are entirely separate settings for different things but they do interact with each other. There are several threads here which discuss this in detail.

When doing something where you might end up messing things up, like changing tempos, I’ve found it is prudent to create a clean copy of the Project before hand. For example for CoolProject.cpr I’ll use Save As… to create CoolProject-PreTempoEd.cpr. Then it is trivial to get back to a known state.

To do different projects for each tempo of a song is NOT the correct way of doing it. As other mentioned in this thread you need to learn about Musical Mode and Musical Timebase and how they differ from Linear Mode and Linear Timebase. You also need to look up and understand how these settings interact differently if it’s a midi track or audio track.

If you haven’t changed any of these settings yet and your project are just with the standard settings, below is what will happen when you change tempo.

-Midi tracks will just follow the tempo and play according to the new tempo.
-Audio tracks will play at their original tempo as you cannot change tempo of those without time stretching.

Best solution IMHO is to make sure you have the final Click Track(Tempo Track) ready and set before recording any audio as time stretching will degrade the audio to some extend. Midi tracks doesn’t matter as they will just play along to whatever tempo you set.

Yes. Well, after reading all of your responses I decided to check previous saves and see what I can do to ‘fix’ anything. So what I did was adjust tempo listening to the out of synch audio and keep adjusting tempo (listening to metronome too) until it lined up again. I think I was able to ‘fix’ this. Now regarding making a necessary tempo change within a song – I’m afraid I’m still thinking make a separate song and then meld the two songs together with Wavelab.

Why? Just add the tempo change to the tempo track.

That’s a bit like going from London to Paris by way of New York.

Plus this ‘solution’ only allows jumping to another tempo, no ramping between tempos - ever.

Consider that understanding how to properly and effectively use Tempo Changes in Cubase is a skill you can use over and over in a variety of situations both creatively & correctively. Where fusing 2 parts in Wavelab is a one off solution that likely never really sounds right (ambience from the first section will get cutoff at the splice).

I’m an old mag tape guy and being able to manipulate time & pitch like this is a truly magical capibility. Wouldn’t you like to learn a little magic?