Shockwave 11 installation error

I’ve got a new computer and have to re-install my programs. I got ‘WaveLab Elements 8’ and a separate plugin ‘MP3 Upgrade Patch’. Just wrote about my problem to support but as it’s saturday I can try the forum as well. Can’t find any similar postings so here it is:

In the beginning of the installation procedure it halts and tells me ‘Shockwave 11’ is missing. Kindly enough with an OK-button to click to install it but… …it’s totally DEAD.

So from Adobes site I installed Shockwave 12, as it is their present version. Installation of WaveLab still fails with the Shockwave 11 error message.

When WaveLab is installed I hvae to install the plugin as well, but yet I don’t know if that’s going to be a similar problem.

Anyone with a solution to this?

Are you on Windows 10? Mac High Sierra? (not supported for 8, although it might work?). I have no idea why it’s asking for Shockwave, but are you using the latest Elements 8 installer, and do you have the latest elicenser software installed? Both are available on the Steinberg downloads page:

I guess WaveLab finds a VST plugin on the system, that uses shockwave (though this would be strange).

<I guess WaveLab finds a VST plugin on the system, that uses shockwave>

Well, defentetly not any INSTALLED VST plugins, but I copied a folder over where I keep different plugins I used once in Cubase SX. But that folder is far from the system, stored on a separate disk and never activated on this new computer.

So if we’re talking system level no such plugins are in use, but plugin files are stored on the computer. If the WaveLab installation program reacts on those it’s a bug but would be impossible as far as I know.

Haven’t got any response from Steinberg yet. Perhaps tomorrow when it’s monday.

WaveLab has no dependency on any shockwave stuff. Hence find where shockwave dependent stuff could reside. This why I mentioned VST plugins.

So why is it of any concern to the WaveLab installer? It even offer me to install Shockwave 11 even if the OK-button doesn’t work to install it. And the computer is totally fresh and all VST-related installfiles just stored, never executed. And I have for sure not installed any Shockwave myself.

I can’t relate to anything else than how the WaveLab installer is coded and reacts upon. Somehow it’s interested in Shockwave anyway and I can’t install.

Guess Steinberg have to answer this.

You probably don’t know it, but PG is the developer of Wavelab. If he doesn’t know, there is noone else in Steinberg that will. Is it possible this WL Elements is on a CD and there is some install shell that wants to use Shockwave? Where in the process do you get this dialog?

Let’s drop the Shockwave issue. I run a new installation and this time no dialog about that was present. Don’t know why but I did some Regestry Clean up that might have helped.

BUT Another thing turned up connected to the old USB-licence I once had for Cubase SX. As it would be wrong to discuss this here I start Another thread. I will ask about alternate Licence Key and installation and wait to install. Hope you can check that one out because I really need advices.