Shooting Cupid (R&B Ballad)

Worked on this for a few weeks last year, Everything except the vox was produced by me on Cubase. One vocal part doubled and pitchshifted in variaudio for 4 part harmony. Strings EastWest symphonic strings, not happy with the snare drum but we ran out of budget to go in and fix it… sorry.

Good song and production sounds very “pop relevant” a good thing IMHO…pity you didn’t work on the vox…the most important part of a song in this case.

who wrote the song :slight_smile: ?

best …Kevin :slight_smile:

60/40 on socan king Alexander and myself. He wrote the lyrics and most of the melody over my backing track.

nicely done my friend… :slight_smile:

yes good tune ,can`t you fix the snare yourself :question: i think vocals sound great.