Shorcut To Add A Track

Hello Everyone!

Just downloaded Cubase Elements 10.5 and am brand new user, so need some help!

I searched the net for Cubase shortcuts and found a bunch of links to pages that did not have a shortcut to add a new track. For clarity I am now doing the following with the mouse: Project–>Add Track–>Audio. Wanted to know if there is indeed a shortcut for this, since…

I checked the forum for such a topic and found one titled: Key command or macro to add audio track presets?

In that thread someone says that there is a shortcut for adding a track, but doesn’t say what it is; I assume because the thread was about doing more complex things with adding a track(?)…

Anyway, would like to know if there is a shortcut for adding an audio track…

Thanks for any assistance!

Hi and welcome,

There is no Key Command for this by default. But you can assign your own.

Open Edit > Key Commands. In the Add Track folder, you will find Audio. Assign a Key Command.

Ah, I see, thanks so much!!!

Letter T works too, just leave the track on AUDIO then select mono or stereo


By default the T Key Command switches Activate Tempo Track On and Off.

The generic Add Track function also doesn’t have any Key Command assigned by default.

My Precious Letter T is assigned to Transpose.


Of course you can assign Key Commands freely as you want to. Then it’s just more risky to advice to use some Key Commands to somebody else. :wink:

I think there might be some confusion about shortcut and key command?!?

But for sure if you just press the letter “T” by default that opens the “Add track” dialog box.


Could you explain this more in detail for me, please? What do you find as a Shortcut and what do you find as a Key Command, please? Sorry for my poor language knowledge. I was always thinking Steinberg is just calling Shortcuts as Key Commands. :neutral_face:


"By default the T Key Command switches Activate Tempo Track On and Off."
I don’t think this is correct Martin

The letter “T” on my keyboard OPENS the ADD TRACK DIALOG SCREEN

MY key command “T” opens this dialog to ADD TRACK, and this is the DEFAULT setting as I reset to defaults to check its function. BTW, I have NOT change this key command here at all