Shorcut to move the screen ?

Is there a shorcut (or the possibility to create) to move the project screen, just as is done with the horizontal scrollbar? No cursor, just move the screen?

Are you wanting to move to a fixed position or a relative position based on project size? Are you wanting to see continuous tracks or other windows placed out of focus?

Yes.Horizontal scroll.

You could use a macro for this that navigates to the right but it would have to be based on parts on the arrange page and not controlling the scrolling bar itself. You could setup a dummy track with blank parts along the top portion of the arrange page as an index then assign a macro that moves down then right for however many steps or part skips you need, etc.

Personally, if it’s just navigating to a portion of the song I prefer using marker tracks or just zooming to full view then clicking on the area I want to focus on. Using the G & H keys at that point zooms in to a new focus. I could be wrong here but I don’t believe you can control the scroll bars themselves which would make you dependent on individual parts for horizontal movement.

Thank you. Basically, it is a key that belongs to the OS. Ctrl mouse wheel function is good. it should be possible to reproduce it on the keyboard.

I think the best, in my opinion, is a feature that I did not know (after 2 years…). Sometimes I clicked on the rule for zoom, but I had not seen that one could also scroll through each side quickly. There is no shortcut, but it’s very fast and useful to navigate and advance the project area along the slider. The cursor becomes a horizontal mouse arrow in its function. In addition, we can now add rules between the track, making this feature available everywhere.