Short baroque type of piece

Decided to try and make a baroque piece on New Year’s Eve. Ended up spending few hours to try and piece something together. I used the same method as before, i.e. recorded the bits and pieces using my electric guitar/Fishman Tripleplay. It ended up being a short beginning of a piece.

Baroque piece - beginning

Happy New Year!


Hko, It’s too short, but it’s great!

Happy New Year!

I fully agree on that it is short. The timeframe I set for myself was way too short as I ended up spending quite a bit of time on checking midi specifics on the net.

I will continue on the piece and try and make more like a real tune. Thanks for taking (the short) time to listen to it :slight_smile:

Are you saying you played the musical lines into midi on a guitar? It sounds really good, so if I understood it, it’s amazing. Keep going.

Thanks Early, I got carried away by doing this even though it is well out of my normal territory. I don’t really read music which I have regretted though at my later age. It is quite a bit of (rewarding) work to try and figure out those crossing melodies. I think violins are quite well suited to be played on guitar/midi. It seems that this way I get some of the playing dynamics captured as well.

That’s a lovely baroque style piece. I’m bowled over by you being able to input this using Fishman TriplePlay midi; I got one near the beginning of lockdown but just couldn’t get it to track reliably at all. I’d love to hear how you’ve set this up on your guitar. Look forward to hearing this piece with more sections.


Thanks Steve! The tracking is not perfect on Tripleplay but I still find it easier to use my electric guitar to create and play melodies because my keyboard skills are very basic. Quite a few false notes do get triggered but they are fairly easy to clean-up. I really hope Fishman would still develop this product further and improve the tracking as it is really fascinating to be able to play the samples of all these virtual instruments which are available to us currently.

This really is nice. It’s well conceived, and well played. Amazing that it’s a guitar triggering midi. I know the tracking has always been an issue with guitar centered midi controllers, but your results are encouraging. I’d love to hear where you go with this.

Thanks for listening John. Let’s see if I can combine it with a classical baroque type of melody I used to play on my guitar in the early eighties. Back then it was just a melody line.


It is too short to really comment on the music itself but you have captured the essence of the sound of Baroque. Nice. Develop it further, perhaps modulate to an equivalent, more modern style and create a new fusion genre.


Jonathan, thanks for listening and your encouraging feedback. Let’s see where this goes.

I have been to able to make a little progress with this tune. I added another part and a contemporyrish bridge between the parts.

I also changed the mix to use the the classical setting of the sample library (instead of the modern mix), which made it a bit smaller sounding, which I feel is more appropriate for this type of tune. Made some other adjustment to the mix as well (reverbs etc.).

BTW, I am using the following sample libraries here Nucleus, Area and Cremona Quartet. I don’t like tracking through Cremona instruments though (because they feel laggy using my Electric Guitar/Firsman TriplePlay setup). I usually track using Nucleus because there is handy setting which allows for the samples to be triggered without delay at 0ms (S. Start knob). Later on I can adjust the sample start to e.q. -125 ms and delay the midi data accordingly to produce a more natural sound.

Baroque piece - developed a bit further