Short cut for entering a note 8ve higher doesn't work for B!

I’ve found what appears to be a bug. In entering notes from the computer keyboard, if I want to enter a note an 8ve higher than the previously entered note, using the shortcut Shift-Alt, it works for all notes except B. Entering B at it’s default location is no problem, so it can’t be the B key on my keyboard!

I’m afraid this bug was unveiled in 2016 or early 2017… and am sorry it’s still there. Qt frameworks is responsible for it, IIRC… :person_shrugging:
It’s language-dependant, as @dspreadbury explains here.

Yes, the issue is that Shift+Alt+B produces the “dotless i” character and Qt doesn’t handle it properly, so it’s not possible to use it as a shortcut. We have been waiting for them to fix it for many years.

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Ok thanks, it was driving me crazy trying to work out what I was doing wrong!