Short Cut to Enable

Hi Guys,
Does anyone know the short cut to switch on and off the tiny speaker button on channels? it’s a pain in the ass to use the mouse all of the time when you are recording.

Well, there are a couple options. I BELIEVE the default is Shift-M, but you need to have the track highlighted, of course. You can also go to “File --> Key Commands”. Search for “Monitor” to see if I’m right about the default, and then assign it to whatever key you want.

Another option is to have the monitor button be automatically enabled and disabled according to certain rules… There are preferences for this:

Try going to “Preferences --> VST” And then under “Auto Monitoring” select “Tapemachine Style”.

This will do the following: If the track is record enabled, it will automatically turn the monitor switch ON if the transport is in STOP mode or RECORD mode. If the transport is in PLAY mode it will automatically turn the monitor switch OFF. In effect, this will allow you to hear the input of the track when the transport is stopped, AND when you punch in to record, but you will hear the recorded data of that track when you “punch out” and are just playing again. Now, if the track is NOT record enabled, it will not change the monitor status at all, so the track needs to be record enabled for this behavior to function. It’s very intuitive for certain workflows, but it greatly depends on exactly what you’re doing… so try it (and maybe try the other settings of the “auto monitor” function) and see if any of these will work for you.

I myself use CMC controllers for this, and many other functions.

Hey SLD Brotha,

Glad I could help. :slight_smile: