short cuts/Key commands.

hi all, new to the forum and its taken me weeks to even set up my account! So obviously a little frustrated with a ton of questions which hopefully someone can help me get back to making music?
firstly i have no manual loading up? when i access the ‘Help’ option i get the ‘Pop Up’ saying " search app store for? …"
So not able to really find my way around Cubase Pro 9 that well without the manual? I sent a message to tech support but not heard back?
One of the burning questions i have is how i find a list of default ‘short cuts’ or ‘Key Commands’ i think they are named?
First on my list is how to move to the next hit point, like ProTools has 'Tab To Transient. Any help would be great?
Thanks Dave
I am using Windows 8.1 with an Asus Essentio Series with 12gig of Ram. I use Google Chrome. I can load the manual manually i think, presuming it is the one that should be linked to my Program?

Steinberg help page
From here you can download pdf-manuals or use the online version.

Default key commands