Short fermata causes playback tempo change to 500

Since I added a short fermata in my arrangement the playback tempo randomly changes to 500 (usually triggered by a new playback start).

When I replace the very short fermata with a short or normal one or entirely remove the fermata the issue disappears. When I add again the very short one the issue manifests itself again.

Attached the music fragment on which I am able to reproduce the issue:
Fermata issue.dorico (1007.7 KB)

Do you mean this button?

In my case clicking this twice merely resets it to “180” (the original tempo), but that doesn’t solve the problem (i.e. the bug). Next playback it will become 500 again.

Thanks, I can reproduce this problem, and we’ll take care of it in due course.

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Thanks Daniel for taking this up!

And Happy New Year to you and the Dorico team!