Short flows side-by-side

Can I set up a layout to show short flows side-by-side, if they’ll fit? e.g. I have two flows that are two or four bars each. Show them side-by-side, but an 8-bar flow would start on its own system.

You can do it manually, using separate music frames, but if you have Flow Headings you’ll need to do those manually too. The automated Flow Headings get very confused where columns are concerned.

Okay I think I’m off to a good start. So for three rows, two columns, I need to make six music frames, all in the same chain. (It’s interesting that both columns use the flow name from the first column. So the first column of each row is correct, second column is incorrect).

Can I have a row be dynamic, so it shows two columns if two flows will fit, but use the full width if only one flow fits? Or by that point am I getting to a level of detail where I need to choose precisely which flows show up where? And set up two columns for the first row, one column for second row, etc.

Dorico can’t do this dynamically. And yes, that’s what I meant about the Flow Headings - they’re just not geared up for columns.

Cool, thanks for the help.

Can I choose which flow heading to use for frames defined in the master pages? Or can I only do that using flow heading changes on a per-page basis?

I’m not sure I entirely understand the question. I think you’re best off building them from scratch as text frames. Use {@flowTitle@} etc. on the master pages (or just put in a placeholder if you’re likely to miss the errors that will undoubtedly creep in), then override with {@flow_n_title@} (where n is the flow number) on the individual pages.

Dorico doesn’t have that kind of granular control. Tokens don’t get updated when specific Flow/Player info gets selected in a music frame. For instance, if you have a music frame that selects a single player, the {@playerlist@} token will always display all the players assigned to that Layout not the individual Players selected.

For flow labels, Dorico uses some kind of proximity rules to determine the Flow Number. The algorithm doesn’t take into account frames aligned in columns.

Interesting, yeah. Sounds like better column support may be something for them to look at in a future version.

Okay so what I meant was, I can right-click on a page and choose “Insert flow heading change” to set the flow heading for that page to be (none) or Default or some other custom flow heading design. But I was wondering if I can somehow do that on the master page – like select one frame and have it use Default flow heading, and another frame uses (none).